I discovered tennis about ten years ago and love the sport. Love the exercise, intensity of the game, social aspects, and new friendships.

Like most sports and hobbies, I needed to learn the rules and courtesies of the game. As I improved my skills, experienced tennis players taught me the rules of tennis and winced when I naively broke a game courtesy.

When a ball hits a line and is 99% out, it is 100% good. Both a rule and a courtesy. A courtesy because if you’re not sure if the opponent’s ball hit in or out, it is in. You give the benefit of the doubt to your opponent. I was taught this by my experienced tennis friends. Remember I was brand new to the sport.

After some matches, I discovered that my naivety on rules cost me points. Plus I wanted to understand those what-ifs. ”What if the ball hits a tree limb?” or “What if someone talks just as I’m about to hit the ball.”

I recognized this can easily be learned with a website.

With a copy of the rule book in my hand, I conducted hundreds of interviews with players, tennis professionals, coaches, USTA officials, and tennis fans to create the raw material for a mobile app. I organized the material into a fun and quick way for you to learn the sport’s rules.

I hope you enjoy this website. Please share it with your teammates and even your opponents!

See you on the courts,
Barbara Wyatt